Value Investing Meets the Startup World

Acquisitions, Partnerships & Early Stage

Early Stage

Enabling founders to create *profitable* companies. Unicorns be damned.


Have a sustainable company that is ready for new longterm leadership? Let's talk.


Our Favorite. We love helping our partners reach new levels by utilizing our expertise and capital.

100% In-House Capital

We don't raise money, and don't have LP's. This lets us strategically plan for longterm success, ideally investing in businesses for life.

1) Early Stage

Enabling REAL Business Growth

We feel that too many early stage startups focus on the wrong thing (funding). At Moat Ventures we focus on building sustainable and profitable companies, regardless of further funding rounds or a big exit. Our partners have bootstrapped profitable 7 and 8-figure companies, and we want to help you do the same.

If in the future you get more funding or have an exit, that’s fantastic. But we don’t believe this should be the goal.

2) Business Acquisitions

"Permanent Capital"

Have you built a sustainable company that will need new leadership? We would love to talk.

Selling your company is a big deal (we would know). After years of hard work, you want to see it live on. Well so do we. Our ideal situation is to buy a quality company, with a great team, and own it forever. We’re not looking to flip a company at the first sign of profit, or gut the team to a barebones crew. We want happy companies designed for longterm success.

3) Partnerships

A Hybrid Approach

Sometimes companies don’t really fit into the above two molds. Maybe your company is not destined to be a unicorn, and VC’s would never look twice. Maybe your company is established and stable, but could really use some help to get to the next level or are interested in taking some cash off the table.

We want to partner with those entrepreneurs where our guidance and capital could push the company forward, not by running the company, but by becoming a strategic advisor and longterm partner.

Do you have a project that could benefit from our help? Let’s talk.