Travis Jamison

Travis Jamison is the founding partner of Moat Ventures.

A long time serial entrepreneur, value investor and a man who owns far too many black v-necks. He has founded a diverse range of successful businesses, including SaaS, search marketing, multiple health ecommerce brands, and everything in between.

They say everything popular is wrong. Well to me, the Venture Capital industry just doesn’t always make sense. I want to invest in smaller, might I say even boring companies. Companies that focus on out of fashion traditional metrics like real profitability, team happiness, and customer loyalty, not the latest vanity metric or how to raise the next round of financing. My ideal outcome is to buy a company, and hold it for life.

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How can you be wealthier than the man who has what he needs, owes nothing, and does what he likes?

"How Tech Giants Make Their Billions"

Enjoyed seeing the revenue breakdown of the big 5. Some finds:
- NFLX & FB have similar ARPU in USA (you are the product)
- MFST is surprisingly diversified
- AMZN's core sales are 3x 3rd party

Catching up with small talk over email with @thedannorris, I start writing a sentence:

"So are you brewer of the year yet?"

I then Google "brewer of the year Australia".

Turns out he already is.

[proceeds to rewrite intro small-talk sentence]

Sitting in a cafe right now listening to a girl at the next table pitch her MLM to some poor woman in debt up to her eyeballs.

"Your business", "paying off debt", "tax deductible" and "financially free" keeps on being thrown around. I'm dying here.

Any tips to intervening?

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