Travis Jamison

Travis Jamison is the founding partner of Moat Ventures.

A long time serial entrepreneur, value investor and a man who owns far too many black v-necks. He has founded a diverse range of successful businesses, including SaaS, search marketing, multiple health ecommerce brands, and everything in between.

They say everything popular is wrong. Well to me, the Venture Capital industry just doesn’t always make sense. I want to invest in smaller, might I say even boring companies. Companies that focus on out of fashion traditional metrics like real profitability, team happiness, and customer loyalty, not the latest vanity metric or how to raise the next round of financing. My ideal outcome is to buy a company, and hold it for life.

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The wise @TaylorPearsonMe once told me a story whose moral was "Don't risk the 99% to make the 1%".

This trader here just broke that rule.
"Rain ruins one of Norway’s richest men"

I can hear the lessons of @nntaleb in my head now.

People regularly ask me for advice about entrepreneurship & investing.
For those people who REALLY show interest I always buy them what I call the “entrepreneur starter kit”. These books have the power to completely change the trajectory of ones life.

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